Hello World. Welcome to Vienna.

More than 400 Alumni from around the world will gather together this August in Vienna, Austria to celebrate 100 years of Junior Achievement. The conference will take place around the campus of the world-renowned Vienna University of business and economics. A place filled with young international students and future entrepreneurs. A place that for 4 days will become the center of the global JA spirit - the JA Village.

To underline this great year of celebration, our main topics will revolve around the three most important qualities of an entrepreneur: Communication, Innovation and Risk Taking



Celebrating 100 years of achievement

Over 465,000 volunteers serve more than 10 million students in over 100 countries. Learn more about the spirit of our movement, the networks and the drive behind the first ever JA Global Alumni Conference.



Junior Achievement was founded in 1919 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Its primary goal was educating young people moving from rural America to the county’s booming cities, learning about the means of production and free enterprise. In the 1960s JA began growing into an international organization. JA Worldwide is a global non-profit organization, which delivers experimental learning programs on the topics of work readiness, financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Worldwide over 10 Million students in over 100 countries take part in a JA program.



Many people who took part in the JA-Program, start a business or inspire others to uncover their full potential. To bring together these like-minded people, JA Alumni networks were formed all over the world. JA Alumni want to stay in touch, help future JA program students and give back, while further developing their leadership and entrepreneurial skills. As JA Alumni Europe, a body of JA Europe, our Mission is to “provide former JA programme participants with further experience and opportunities, encourage them to strengthen their passion for entrepreneurship and build international networks of like-minded people.”


In 2019 Junior Achievement is celebrating a century of spreading the entrepreneurial spirit. 100 years after JA Worldwide was founded, it is one of the world’s largest youth-serving NGOs, dedicated to give young people knowledge and skills they need for employment and entrepreneurship. JA programs are delivered by corporate and community volunteers. JA now reaches more than 10 million students every year in more than 100 countries and is delivered by over 450,000 JA volunteers.