To make sure our registration process is as transparent as can be, we want to inform you about all deadlines and important dates in our process. Please make sure you read trough the information and send in the required information before the stated date.


JA Alumni, JA staff and guests can apply for the JA Global Alumni Conference until March 15th. We then will match all applicants with their region they stated in their application form. You then will recieve and email with an online sheet containing all the applicants from your region. Only you and our team have access to this data and are able to edit it.


Until April 1st you will need to updated your online sheet with the final list of participants from your region. You will have two weeks to confirm and complete the list of final participants. Please note that every region only has a certain amout of spots for the conference. Until the second application round in may, there will be no extra spots for you to give away.


Starting from April 1st the confirmed participants will need to pay the fee until April 14th. If a ROC is paying the spot of a participant(s), they will recieve an invoice from our team. For single participants paying their own fee we have created a new and easier online payment system. They will be sent a link from which they can deposit the designated fee.


If a participant has not payed for his confirmed spot until May 1st, it will become free again and he will not be part of the Ja Global Alumni Conference. All the leftover spots will be equally given out between all the regions participating in the conference.

Further information on the second application round will follow soon.