JA Global Alumni Conference Ticket - Day 3 (Saturday)

JA Global Alumni Conference Ticket - Day 3 (Saturday)


Saturday, 31/08 - Day 3: Risk Taking

  • WU - Bibliothek

  • 9:00am - 13:00pm

  • Discount for students: IAMSTUDENT (€20,-)

Stepping out of your comfort zone by taking over responsibility, getting creative, and dealing with new challenges might cause discomfort but is essential to accomplishing the milestones and goals you set yourself. Do not miss this outstanding opportunity to take part in engaging plenum discussions and to meet captivating entrepreneurs like Cameron Sinclair, former Head of Social Innovation @Airbnb, or Asheesh Advani , CEO of JA WorldWide. The ticket includes all sessions taking place Saturday morning, starting from 09:00 and lasting until 13:00, including two key notes, two start up presentations and a final plenum discussion. The ticket is not valid for any other content sessions from the agenda and does not include any accomodation, food supply, travel costs etc. For more information please contact our team at info@jaglobalalumniconference.org

Before you buy your ticket please make sure you’ve read the information and conditions below:

  • Please note that you could be eligible to get a discount on your daily ticket. Furthermore, special tickets are avbailable for students and Juniors/pupils.

  • All students need to be aware that they have to show a Student ID card in order to get a discount.

  • The ticket has to be paid immediately via credit card (it might take up to 30min to recieve the invoice). Bank transfer will not be available at this point.

  • Thus there can be new tickets up for purchase at any time until the webshop is taken down from the website and we’re announced as sold out (updates follow on social media).

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